Sony PS4 Pro Vs PS5 Game Load Times Compared On Video, And It's No Contest

Sony is much more forthcoming with details on the coming PlayStation 5 than it has been with information on past consoles. An alleged PS5 dev kit has been seen in the wild already and Sony has also said that the pricing of the PS5 will be appealing, given the advanced features and hardware that it offers.


A new video has turned up that is from Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki. He was at a Sony event where a demonstration pitting the load times of the current PS4 Pro and the coming PS5 was shown off. The game used in the demo is Marvel's Spider-Man. The speed difference between the two consoles is dramatic, and PlayStation chief Mark Cerny hinted at these blazing fast load speeds in his interview with Wired back in mid-April.

As with most videos recorded on what appears to be a smartphone from a distance, the quality isn't very good. The person on stage during the demo spoke in Japanese, but Mochizuki translated some of what is said. The person is saying that that to ensure PlayStation will remain the best place to play, Sony is working on improving relationships with outside game developers.

The person on stage also used the phrase "anytime, anywhere, without disconnections" when talking about the console. What we can see in the video is the next-gen PlayStation console offering a much faster and more fluid loading experience for the game than the PS4 Pro offers.

What we know of PS5 hardware so far is that it will have an octa-core AMD Zen 2-based Ryzen processor paired up with a Radeon Navi GPU. The console will also be backward compatible with PS4 games.