Prototype PlayStation 4 Controller Shows Sensor, Touchpad and Sharing Capability

Those of you who lamented the rumor that Sony was ditching its dual-shock design for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) controller in favor of one that more closely resembles the Wii U's can breathe a sigh of relief. Based on a leaked photo of an early prototype, it appears the PS4's controller will retain the same overall design as every previous PS controller, but with some upgrades for the modern era.

The PS4's controller will have a touchscreen, or at least an LCD screen of some type, though it doesn't dominate the design. A small display has been plopped into the middle, right above the analog sticks where the Start and Select buttons would normally sit.

PlayStation 4 Controller
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Shown above is the leaked picture, which Destructoid says is real based on confirmations from "multiple sources." Other gaming sits have also said it's likely real, based on their own sources. It is, however, an early model, and the design could change between now and when the PS4 ships, though we suspect only minor tweaks are in store.

You can see modified analog sticks in the leaked photo, and in between them sits a speaker and some kind of unidentified port. There's a move sensor on top, and if you look just left of the touchscreen, you can see a button that could end up being the rumored share button. Alternately, it might serve as the Start/Select button.

The PS4 is expected to launch sometime this year in the neighborhood of $400.