Print in Three Dimensions

You'd think twice about copying your butt for a prank at work if it came out of the printer in three dimensions, wouldn't you? The James Bond sounding Z Corporation's printers can print in three dimensions.

Z Corporation 3D Printers operate like a 2D desktop inkjet printer, allowing for the use of multiple print-heads to support full-color printing with dramatic increases in speed. Full, 24-bit color capabilities use colored binder materials (cyan, magenta, and yellow, just like a 2D printer) to produce millions of distinct colors. Full-color printing allows the addition of annotations, engineering labels and texture maps. Z Corporation's introduction of HD3DP (High-Definition 3D Printing) capabilities also supports the production of models having complex geometries and small, detailed features.

Super-fast color mockups of CAD data are a reality now. Super accurate, too; so if your scanned butt looks big, it's because it is.

Z Corporation has a handheld portable scanner to input your CAD data too. You can see a video of how it works here.