Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Preview: Stylish Bang For Your Buck

G7 Side Profile
Gaming laptops typically make no bones about price points and usually command a premium, due to their more powerful components on board. Either that, or some machines pack potent components inside somewhat lack-luster skins, leaning into their inner mojo to attract gamers. With its G Series, Dell set out to appeal to price-conscious mobile gamers that still want good firepower, in addition to a quality, good-looking chassis design. Lower cost gaming notebooks often sacrifice on materials and build quality in an effort to drive cost down. However, in a follow-on to its successful Inspiron Gaming line of machines, Dell decided to take aesthetics up a notch, while also capitalizing on some of the latest in CPU and GPU platform technologies on the market currently.
Dell G7 15 image 1
Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop - Licorice Black (Left) - Alpine White (Right)

The result is a product like the Dell G7 15 Gaming notebook. Strapped in Dell's popular Alpine White, the Dell G7 we have in the test lab now for our forthcoming full review is based on not only NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-Q technology, but also a brand new 6-core Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake Core i7 processor, for 12 threads of horsepower and serious GPU muscle, all in a 6 pound and sleek package.

We have the illustrious Paul Lilly looking at this new Dell G7 15 for a full review here. However, we thought it might be nice to show you our recently launched YouTube video tease, just to whet your appetite for the full monty that Uncle Pauly will release upon the interwebs soon. Feast your geek eyes here...

G7 Cooling

So far, we're getting the feeling that Dell did a lot of things right with its new G7 15 Gaming laptop. With 1080p and 4K panel options, the G7 15 has the CPU and GPU chops to push high image quality pixels around in the latest triple-A game titles. And the cooling system you see in the exploded view above keeps things tepid and stable, under the hood of this edgy-looking sports coupe of a notebook PC.

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for Paul's full review; that's if he's focused on the task and hand, versus the extended "game testing" that this product will inevitably require.