Presenting the Fatal1ty F-I90HD Motherboard

Presenting the Fatal1ty F-I90HD Motherboard

For fast paced high definition lifestyles

February 11, 2007 - Universal abit is revealing the next generation entertainment center for fast paced high definition lifestyles. Based on the ATI RadeonTM Xpress 1250 chipset, and developed in cooperation with 12x computer gaming world champion Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, the Fatal1ty Performance F-I90HD motherboard is catering to everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Digital Home without holding back on performance.

abit is the pioneer of HDMITM integration on motherboards, unleashing the true power of HDTV and High Definition gaming on your PC. The small Micro ATX form factor is ideal for use in sleek cases that are easy to handle, whether in your living room or at the next LAN party, while the integrated graphics engine from ATI(R) handles 3D acceleration in Windows VistaTM with ease, and offers a great gaming experience straight out of the box.

Don't let the small size fool you, the Fatal1ty Performance F-I90HD is armed to the teeth with Intel(R) Quad-Core CPU support, a factory overclocked system bus, carefully selected high quality components, and enough upgrade paths to keep your system and digital media library happy for years to come. READ MORE...

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