Portal 2 Sneak Peek From PAX East

We spent some time at PAX East today, checking out the sights and sounds on the show floor and have some fun stuff to show you, courtesy of the good folks at Valve. Valve was showing off some in-game footage from the highly anticipated puzzle-platformer Portal 2, due to hit store shelves and Steam next month...

Fans of the original Portal will no doubt recognize some of the gameplay elements, but the visuals have been enhanced significantly and some new items like the blue Repulsion Gel (among others) are being introduced. And of course, like the original, there are plenty of laughs to go around as well.

Another interesting note is that J.K. Simmons (from Spider Man, Juno, Oz, etc.) does the voice work for Aperture Science’s CEO, Cave Johnson.

Portal due is being launched simultaneously on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 the week of April 18. So for now, video footage of the game in action is going to have to do! Enjoy.

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