Porsche Announces 'Pit Stop' 800V Charging Stations To Support Its Taycan Electric Performance Sedan

porsche pit stop taycan
One of the things that makes driving a Tesla palatable to a generally EV-skeptic populous is the proliferation of its Supercharger network. Superchargers allow Model S, Model X, and Model 3 owners to recharge their EV's relatively quickly, and are littered throughout the United States (and across the globe). Porsche knows that having its own EV recharging infrastructure is crucial to its upcoming EVs, so it is unveiling the Electric Pit Stop.

The Pit Stop uses Porsche's 800V charging system, and instead of cramming all necessary components into each individual charging station, it will deploy FlexBoxes that measure 120x120x130 centimeters. These FlexBoxes can then be positioned at "quite some distance" from the actual charging stations, out of view of EV owners.  

porsche pit stop

The first vehicle that will take advantage of the new fast-charging stations will be the Taycan, which is the production version of the Mission E concept car.

"So both visually and in terms of noise, they are hidden from the customer," says Porsche. "There are also ideal integration options for planned and existing buildings. The modules can be positioned wherever there is space, while the slim and user-friendly charging poles are optimally positioned for use by customers."

mission e 1
Porsche Mission E Concept

Through the use of the FlexBoxes, Porsche also handles galvanic isolation in a centralized location, thus eliminating the need for it at every charging station. This not only cuts down on costs, but reduces the footprint needed and makes for a more aesthetically pleasing charging station. Efficiency for the entire modular system stands at over 95 percent according to Porsche, while making its overall running costs much lower than existing charging systems (a la Tesla Superchargers). 

mission e 3

For most or Porsche charging locations, you will have a FlexBox transformer, a PowerBox to covert AC to DC, and a CoolingBox that liquid cools the charging stations. Finally, the charging station/pole is what's used to actually recharge the Taycan's 800V battery. Porsche says that the FlexBox can be up to 200 meters away from the PowerBox, and that the PowerBox can be up to 100 meters away from each individual charging station. One PowerBox is capable of supplying power for two charging stations.

Porsche says that with its 800V technology and advanced lithium-ion battery packs, it will be able to deliver 400 kilometers (250 miles) of charge in just 20 minutes. The company also says that it hopes to have at least 500 charging locations in place within North America by the end of 2019.

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