Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo EV Concept Packs 600HP Into Luxurious Soft-Roader

Late last month Porsche dished out new details on the Mission E Electric performance sedan that aims to challenge Tesla. Porsche is back with another electric concept that is essentially a lifted SUV wagon version of the Mission E Performance sedan called the Porsche Mission E Cross. Porsche calls it a "Cross-Utility Vehicle" and says that it is designed for individuals with an active lifestyle, and was intended to be practical for year-round use.

mission e 14

Inside the concept is designed with plenty of cargo space and exterior mounting systems to carry large objects like surfboards or bikes. Four people can sit inside and the dash is fitted with a display and control concept that has touchscreens and eye tracking. The vehicle charges using an 800V fast-charging system that integrates with a Porsche home energy management system.

mission e 2

Porsche uses matrix LED headlights and its traditional daytime running lights are narrow-3D glass elements. Porsche went to the trouble to make the Mission E Cross look ready for off-roading with rugged wheel arches, door sills, and raised ground clearance.

mission e 3

The new concept vehicle has a pair of permanently-excited synchronous motors that make a total of 600hp. The vehicle has a demand-controlled all-wheel drive system, allowing the vehicle to hit 60mph in 3.5 seconds. The EV can reach 200 kmh in less than 12 seconds. Overall length is 194.8-inches, width is 78.3-inches, and height is 55.9-inches. The Mission E Cross Turismo rolls on 20-inch wheel shod with 274/40 R20 tires. Power is from a lithium-ion battery that is good for a driving range of about 250 miles after a 15-minute fast-charge. 

mission e 7

Porsche wrote, "With its exclusive Light Grey Metallic paint, the study is also immediately recognizable as a Porsche from the back. In addition to the flow-through roof spoiler, the vehicle also features a full-length light strip. The Porsche lettering illuminated in white is embedded in a three-dimensional cover with a circuit path graphic. The "E" in the "Porsche" lettering pulsates when the vehicle is charging, and the circuit paths illuminate, giving customers a tangible sense of the energy flow. The large panoramic glass roof extending from the windshield to the tailgate delivers a generous feeling of spaciousness."

mission e 5

The interior has some cool touches with an interpretation of classic Porsche elements for the digital age. The dash has a freestanding instrument cluster angled towards the driver with three circular display fields digitally displayed on TFT screens. The seats are meant to remind of bucket-type racing seats.

mission e 6

Porsche added, "The instrument cluster is comprised of virtual fields. These are assigned to the categories of Porsche Connect, Performance, Drive, Energy, and Sport Chrono. Using a camera in the interior mirror, the eye-tracking system can recognize where the driver is looking. The displays that the driver is interested in are then moved to the foreground, while the others are reduced into the background accordingly as a result of looking away from them. The displays are operated using smart-touch controls on the steering wheel."
Porsche has not yet given any hint as to wether the concept will make the transition from concept to production like the aforementioned Mission E sedan.