Porsche 911 Sally Edition Is An Adorable Remake Of Pixar’s Buggy Benefitting Kids And Families

sally special
A one-of-a-kind Porsche 911 has been created in cooperation with Pixar Studios to benefit children and families. The Porsche 911 Sally Special will be auctioned off by Sotheby's during Monterey Car week with proceeds benefiting Girls Inc., USA for UNHCR, and the UN Refugee Agency.

If you ask someone what their favorite Porsche model is, many will probably respond with the classic 911. If you ask those same people if they have a favorite 911 model, some may even answer, "Sally Carrera," from the beloved Disney and Pixar's Cars fame. Porsche and Pixar are hoping that those same people will be willing to spend a good bit of their hard-earned cash on the two companies' one-of-one Porsche 911 Sally Edition, which pays tribute to the iconic sportster many fell in love with as a child.

sally nameplate
Image Credit: Porsche/Pixar

"Vehicles need a face and a story. And Pixar's film Cars did just that, by bringing them to life on the big screen," remarked Dr. Sebastian Rudolph, Vice President Communications, Sustainability and Politics at Porsche AG. "The story conveys values such as friendship, love and mutual support - and in the middle of it all is a Porsche: 'Sally Carrera.'"

Porsche, along with Pixar, have taken what they refer to as the "spirit of Sally," and transferred it to a street legal 911 rendition of the famed sports car. This unique car wasn't built simply to pay homage to the beloved Sally of Cars fame, however. It was designed and manufactured to provide vital aid to those in need.

porsche interior
Image Credit: Porsche/Pixar

Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Inc., remembers his daughters watching Sally as children. Because of that, Gruner says it is very meaningful to be able to work on a project that will directly benefit a new generation of children and help them reach their potential.

The one-of-a-kind project began back in November of 2021 and included members of the original Cars team who created the movie car. Even Bob Pauley, who worked as Production Designer for Cars, was included and sketched Sally for the first time ever 20 years ago. The team worked with others from Porsche over a 10-month period to bring the 911 Sally Edition to life.

The Sally Special is based off the iconic 473 hp 911 Carrera GTS and is equipped with a manual gearbox for those that love to feel the power as they shift gears. The team even created a new color for the car, "Sally Blue Metallic," which was developed specifically for the Sally Special. And don't worry, the team did not forget the pinstripe tattoo on Sally's tail.

sally tattoo
Image Credit: Porsche/Pixar

The love poured into the automobile oozed into the interior as well. The Sally Blue Metallic color theme can be found on the dashboard and other areas inside the car. A special cloth trim was woven with subtle highlights into it and accented with Chalk leather and Speed Blue and Chalk stitching. Small details that make this car special and give "nods" to Cars and Sally can be found throughout the interior.

Porsche watch
Image Credit: Porsche/Pixar

The special edition Porsche is slated to be auctioned off by RM Sotheby's during its Monterey Sale on Saturday, August 20. The winner of the auction will not only receive the car, but also many special, and in many cases handmade, items that were collected during the creation of the automobile. Those items include a Porsche designed watch made of titanium that is a one-of-one as well.

If you would like to bid on the Porsche 911 Sally Special, you can check out the auction on Sotheby's website. If you happen to end up being the winning bidder, please let us know and give us a ride!