PopBox HD Media Player Coming Soon With Apps Galore

Another HD media player? It may not be exactly what the world needs, but it's exactly what the world is going to get. In fairness, we can't complain with added competition in the industry, but there's one thing in particular that the PopBox is missing that might just hurt its chances against similar alternatives from Western Digital, Popcorn Hour, Roku and the rest of the gang: no Netflix support.

Produced by Syabas Technology, the PopBox name has been around for months now, but hardly anything has come of it due to it still being in the production phase. But now, the company is ready to let the world know that the PopBox is on the way, with a release coming in just a few weeks. Currently, the firmware is locked and loaded, but the software is still undergoing a few last-minute tweaks. The company wants just a few more weeks to really perfect things, and it should ship to Amazon's warehouses on July 23.

This box won't be just your average set-top box, though. While it will lack Netflix support from the start (we suspect that could be added in the future), it will be pre-loaded with games, Picasa access, YouTube, Twitter, Shoutcast, Revision3, Clicker, and much more. There's also HDMI and component video outputs, and RealD 3D content is also supported. There's no word yet on pricing, but we get the feeling that it will be rather competitive with what else is out there.