Pondering the Ad-Supported Operating System

Some people might cringe at the idea of an operating system which features built in advertising. However those people probably have enough money to afford a non ad-supported OS, or are tech savvy enough to understand Linux. The ones who don't fit into either category, such as public buildings like libraries and schools, might find the idea of a cost reduced, ad-supported OS a bit intriguing. Though Linux offers a decent amount of free versions, the familiarity the general public has with Windows is undeniable, and works well in Microsoft's favor. 

"By now most people who are interested in operating systems have probably had a chance to hear about the possibility of an ad-supported version of Windows. Without knowing all the details it would seem that this would allow for an operating system which would be available for a reduced price and would feature some form of advertising built into a user's normal work patterns. It is hard to speculate whether this might be free, but it stands to reason that it would be an alternative to a full-priced, ad-free version."