Polestar O2 Electric Roadster Deploys A Tracking Drone To Record Your Driving Skills

polestar o2
The Polestar O2 is an electric roadster concept that is designed with no roof, no noise, no fumes, and of course a drone. Wait, what? Yep, a cinematic drone housed in the rear of the vehicle will make recording those epic road trips easier than ever before.

When one thinks about electric vehicles, the first name that probably comes to mind is Tesla. Elon Musk has certainly taken the brand and made it a household name. However, there are other companies out there creating innovative electric vehicles. One of those is Polestar, and it has created a concept roadster that will not only turn the heads of those you pass by on the road, but will also make capturing all those moments something that is as easy as deploying a drone from the rear of the vehicle.

"Polestar O2 is the hero car for our brand," stated Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. "It opens the door to our secret chamber of future potential. This is a taste of what we can design and engineer with the talent and technology we have in-house. It looks incredible, and being able to lower the roof and not hear and engine promises a superb sensation."

The light unibody of the vehicle is made from different grades of anodized aluminum. The bonded aluminum allows for more design flexibility, catering to different wheelbases. Aerodynamics include features such as integrated ducts that improve laminar air flow over the wheels and body sides, and the rear lights that function as air blades to reduce turbulence behind the car.

It is also focused on sustainability. The interior is comprised of a new thermoplastic mono-material. Recycled polyester is used for all the soft components of the interior, foam, adhesive, 3D knit fibers and non-woven lamination. This provides for a greater circularity, while also reducing weight and waste.

But perhaps the most iconic feature the Polestar O2 comes with is its very own drone. The autonomous drone is integrated behind the rear seats, and can be launched even while driving down the highway. This should allow for capturing just about any moment on your Sunday drive.

"We wanted to emphasize the experience you can have with a car like the Polestar O2 in new and unusual ways," said Maximilian Missoni. "Integrating an autonomous cinematic drone was something that allowed us to push the boundaries on the innovation front. Not needing to stop and off-load the drone before filming, but rather deploying it at speed, is a key benefit to this innovative design."

Perhaps if the Polestar O2 becomes an actual production vehicle, you might be lucky enough to pass Elon on the highway and deploy your drone to capture his reaction as you drive. Now that would be epic!