Poland-Born Boddie Smartwatch Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

There’s yet another entry in the smartwatch market, and this one’s from Poland, the effort of Reardon Technology. The company is launching an indiegogo campaign in an attempt to raise some funds to kick its Boddie smartwatch project into high gear.

The device will feature a 1.44-inch display and an aluminum enclosure. Inside, there’s a pair of MSP430 microcontrollers, 2 x 16KB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0/BLE, a microUSB port, and a 7-day battery. It also has a dedicated OS and an impressive array of extras including an accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass, and two thermometers.

Boddie smartwatch

The Boddie is designed to connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and will let the wearer see social media and email notifications, display text messages, accept or reject calls, control a music player, remotely control a camera shutter, navigate slide presentations, and more.

Boddie smartwatch

In theory, at least, Reardon Technology has as intelligent an approach to the smartwatch as anyone; the company’s idea is that a smartwatch should simply allow the wearer to stay connected with his social media, email, calendar, music player, and so on. It’s just an extension of the smartphone.

The features and specifications of the proposed Boddie smartwatch sound excellent, but we’ll have to wait and see if the execution is just as sound.