Plextor PX-712A DVD, MSI K8T Neo2-FIR and Others

Welcome back, NJ here with your AM shot of juice.  I just put my good friend, Mr. Coffee, to work behind me and fired up some new tunes from the slightly deranged crew of Prodigy.  All in all, I am settled in for this wonderful Monday morning.  The news front is flowing at a fairly steady rate already. So, go grab a mug and help yourself to the Joe.  Here is your first severing of news...

 Plextor PX-712A DVD Writer Review @ CoolTechZone

"12X DVD writers are currently the sizzling sensation of the optical storage market and Plextor was the first one to introduce their PX-712A 12X DVD writer to the market. What we will take a look at today is a PATA version of their 12X writer. Plextor has recently released a SATA version of the same writer, which will analyze in the near future. Without further ado, let's begin..."

 MSI K8T Neo2-FIR @ Viper Lair

"The only thing really keep us from getting overly excited is the lack of native SATA, and the inability to run 4 x double sided ram at 400MHz.. All the other issues are really minor, and doesn't change the fact that MSI put together a good, solid motherboard."

 GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4000 dual channel kit review @ OCModShop

"After finishing all of the testing and looking back on everything I am quite impressed with this memory. Though I was able to run the memory at the specified speed with little to no problems I wouldn't say that everything went according to plan. I was not able to get Comanche 4 to successfully complete even with my DDR voltage maxed out. I do feel that part of the problem in the overall equation was the motherboard being maxed out."

 Shuttle SB81P @ LostCircuits

"Between makeovers and cosmetic surgery to add new appeal to the established concept of the XPC, Shuttle has come out with a rather radical solution that has no peers with respect to the number of novel approaches to detail improvements. Zoned airflow, clip-on drives, Stealth drives and all of that wrapped up in a boldly elegant enclosure. Needless to say that there is also some serious technology muscle behind the SB81P. On the down-side, there are some thermal issues that rear their ugly heads and draw a number of other components into their vicious cycle."

 SuperTalent PC3500 Memory Review @

"The stock speeds of the SuperTalent RAM were more than acceptable when compared to the Crucial 4000. Scoring right behind the Crucial, the SuperTalent RAM has an excellent score at Stock speeds. Of course, when overclocked, the Crucial 4000 comes out on top. Once again, you can see the benefit that Dual Channel RAM provides. The SuperTalent wallops the single stick of Geil."

 Abit's AG8 motherboard @ TechReport

"ALTHOUGH DISCUSSION of Intel hardware lately tends to degenerate into Prescott-bashing, the company's new 900 series chipsets really are the bee's knees. Released several months ago, the new chipsets boast plenty of PCI Express for peripherals and graphics, Native Command Queuing for Serial ATA hard drives, support for DDR2 memory, and support for Intel's High Definition Audio spec. With companies like VIA only just beginning to preview PCI Express chipsets, Intel is way ahead of the game when it comes to support for next-generation standards."

 GeCube 9550 Extreme Review @ Beyond3D

"The heatsink base is a fairly thick piece of aluminium, shaped so that it lies flat on the processor core and the 4 memory chips that surround it.  Glued or welded to the base are several pieces of what appear to be thin steel, whose purpose being to increase the total surface area of the heatsink.  Unlike many heatsink designs, the fan is not located above the core - instead cool air is drawn in and directed across the pieces of steel and sink base via the plastic shield."

Time for this guy to get down to work.  Behave yourself ;) - Cheers

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