PlayStation The Official Magazine Ends 15-Year Run with Holiday Issue

Another print publication bites the dust. This time it's PlayStation: The Official Magazine that's closing its doors, ending what had been a 15-year run with the upcoming Holiday issue. Though print media has struggled to find relevance in an increasingly digital world, the move is still a little surprising when you consider that "PlayStation" is an iconic console brand, and consoles have never been more popular than they are right now.

There hasn't been an official announcement (that we're aware of), though Game Informer claims to have confirmed the magazine's cancellation with publisher Future US. Earlier this year, Future US announced that Nintendo Power would also cease publication in December, leaving Official Xbox Magazine as its remaining console-oriented games mag.

PlayStation Magazine

It's not yet clear if PlayStation: The Official Magazine will go all-in with a digital subscription model or if it will simply cease to exist altogether.