PlayStation Portal Just Made Gaming On The Go Easier With New Handheld Perks

Hand holding a PlayStation Portal.
Owners of Sony’s PlayStation Portal will be getting an update that adds several quality of life improvements to the device, as the company says it looks to “continue to evolve the experience on PS Portal.” The update will be making it easier to join public Wi-Fi networks, and it also improves the emulated touchpad by adding visual feedback. Users will now have more battery life information, too.

While the PlayStation Portal is designed to be used primarily in the home, it’s still capable of delivering gaming experiences while users are out and about so long as it has a solid internet connection. Sony is making it easier for gamers to access Wi-Fi networks that use sign-in screens that are typically found in hotels, airports, and cafes. The device will now generate a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device to complete the sign-in process.

psportal update body

Moreover, Sony is adding visual feedback to the emulated touchpad that can be displayed on screen for games that make use of it. When a user taps or swipes in the touchpad area they will be able to see that input happening in that specific part of the screen. It’s a great UI touch as it looks to be more intuitive than what has been available before.

Lastly, Sony is adding the ability to display the battery level percentage alongside the battery icon. It’s odd that this particular feature wasn’t there from the beginning, but at least it’s now an option and gamers don’t need to estimate by what the icon is displaying. In order to make this change users will need to visit the Settings menu, go to “System”, then “Battery” where they can toggle on “Show Battery Percentage.”

Sony says it has been “overwhelmed” by the popularity of the PlayStation Portal, which hopefully means that users can expected robust support to the device’s feature set as time goes on.