PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PC Release Date Set For December 20, Miramar Desert Map Announced

PUBG Miramar

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUGB), the super popular survival shooter that sits at more than 20 million players, is coming out of Steam's Early Access and releasing to PC on December 20, 2017. That is just in the nick of time to meet the developer's promise of releasing the game before the end of the year. But that is not the only exciting news. PUBG is getting new map that takes the battle royale action to the desert.

The new map is called Miramar. PUGB Corp., the spinoff of Bluehole Studio, released a trailer showing the map last night during The Game Awards. Judging by the like-to-dislike ratio (over 3,000 likes and just 70 dislikes, at the moment) and comments on YouTube, fans are excited to test their survival skills on a new map in an entirely new location. With Miramar, PUBG Corp. said it wanted to go in the complete opposite direction of having lush fields and forests, and arrived at the harsh and unforgiving desert.

"We are excited beyond words that we can finally share the name of our new desert map and tell you a little bit about some of the places you can visit. When we decided to create a new map, we focused on creating an environment that is very different from Erangel... The unique terrain and dense urban areas of Miramar will create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required," PUBG Corp. said.

The new map brings with it several new landmarks and towns. One of those is Los Leones, the largest city in the region. This will likely be a hot spot for gamers who prefer to gear up from the get go, even though that typically means getting into skirmishes right from the jump. Gamers will find loot in abandoned commercial buildings, and can secure high vantage points by exploring the numerous construction sites.

PUBG Miramar

El Pozo also sounds like a fun place to explore. It's an area where gamers will be able to put their motorcycle skills to the test in the death bowl, or hunt for loot in the ruins of what's left of the textile factories.

The new map will be available in Early Access during the final test round before PUBG hits version 1.0. This will give Early Access players a short window to get acquainted with the map before PUBG opens up to a wider audience.