NVIDIA Offers A Sneak Peak At PUBG's New Desert Map

NVIDIA stepped up today and offered gamers a sneak peak at the coolness that the developers behind Player Unknown's Battlegrounds are working on for the game's next map. We already knew that the new map would be desert-based, but if you expected a middle eastern-style desert, you will be disappointed. The new desert map looks like a moderate-sized desert town from the 70s in the US.

playerunknowns battlegrounds nvidia desert map screenshot 005

You can see the five screenshots here and they all look rather cool. One of them shows a town with skyscrapers in various stages of construction. There are burned and rusted out cars everywhere in the streets and it looks like a good place for close quarters fighting. Another map shows a rural area with a massive warehouse ready for searching out items that can help keep players alive.

playerunknowns battlegrounds nvidia desert map screenshot 002

Another of the images shows a building in what appears to be the middle of an oil field with lots of derricks around. One of the screenshots shows an old homestead in a very pretty rural area with desert and mountains around. The last of the screen shots shows more of the same rugged desert country with burned out vehicles around.

playerunknowns battlegrounds nvidia desert map screenshot 003

NVIDIA wrote, "Our five screenshots showcase a landscape that's quite a bit different than Erangel, with a war-torn city area that features multiple multi-story buildings in various states of construction and decay and a strip mall shopping plaza. The rural areas are set in a harsh desert landscape that would be right at home in a spaghetti-western. There's lots of wide-open desert areas with the familiar patches of development and isolated structures such as small villages, warehouses, and single-story houses."

playerunknowns battlegrounds nvidia desert map screenshot 001

PUBG has turned out to be a smash hit recently passing over 2.3 million concurrent users. The most interesting part about the game doing so well is that it has been available only on PC, PUBG launches on Xbox One December 12. Last month a more lethal Blue Zone debuted for gamers to face adding more excitement to an already popular game.

playerunknowns battlegrounds nvidia desert map screenshot 004

NVIDIA also says that it will be giving away some free copies of PUBG. "To celebrate the upcoming PUBG desert map NVIDIA will be giving away 5000 copies of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to GeForce Experience members. Codes will be delivered via the GeForce Experience client on November 21," wrote NVIDIA.