Google Pixelbook Leak Confirms 12.3-inch Display, Core i5 Processor And Up To 512GB SSD

It seems like every major OEM wants to get into the high-end notebook space these days, even Google. Typically its Chromebook machines are some of the least expensive notebooks that you can lay your hands on. Take for instance the HP Chromebook X360 convertible, which clocks in in at a very reasonable $300. However, we know that Google is working on a high-end device called the Pixelbook that will push the price of entry up significantly.

pixel book

Some details on the Pixelbook have leaked from electronics retailer Synnex. The listing shows that the Pixelbook will have a display that is 12.3-inches wide. The resolution of the screen is unclear at this point, but previous high-end Chromebooks have offered a 2560x1700 resolution.

Storage capacity was previously tipped at 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. The CPU powering the device is said to be an Intel Core i5 and at this time there is no indication of what the clock speed might be or if it's of the Kaby Lake or Kaby Lake Refresh generation. 

Pricing is rumored to be $1,199 on the low end and $1,749 for the high-end model. Google is also tipped to be developing a Pixelbook Pen that will sell for $99. It will be interesting to see if the market responds well to a very high-end Chromebook. With the inability to run software on Chrome OS that many people find essential, and a price starting at $1,199, it might be a hard sell to many consumers. You can buy a nice Windows laptop, Surface Pro, or iPad Pro for the same money or less.

Another interesting product was spied on the Synnex listing called "Google Clips" and it is thought to be some sort of hardware to be announced soon. Google Clips is listed on the page as a computer accessory and it could be some sort of camera add-on.

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