Google Fi Is Dealing The Stellar Pixel 4a For Just $9 A Month Over 2 Years

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Have you ever wanted to get a Pixel device but found they were just a bit too expensive? Google Fi is now offering a phone subscription program that allows you to get your hands on a Pixel 4a for only $9 monthly. Over two years, you get to pay off the Pixel 4a and keep it when you are done, then upgrade to the next Pixel device offered for subscription.

Phones have been increasing in price over the past few years. It is not out of the realm of possibility to spend $1000 on a phone these days but Google Fi is offering perhaps a more sensible way to pay for a decent device. At $9 a month over two years, Google is offering a Pixel 4a for just $216. If you want to make sure your device is protected, you can pick up the optional protection subscription for just $6 more a month. We reviewed the Pixel 4a back in August and found it to be a solid mid-range device for the money. At over $100 off with this new subscription, it's even more of a deal. You get a great camera, good battery life, and the stock Android experience out of the box. It would seem this deal is all roses, but there is a small caveat, Google Fi service needs to be paired with the device for the subscription to work.

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Fi is Google’s phone service plan, which can range quite a bit in price. Google Fi offers $20/mo for unlimited text and calls while you pay for data at $10/Gb. If you want unlimited everything, you would be looking at $70/mo, which would also get you a Google One membership. If you compare the plan to Mint Mobile’s offerings, you will find that Mint is the better deal at $30/mo introductory and long-term prices for unlimited everything. The Mint Mobile subscription would not net you a phone like the Pixel 4a, but some headroom is there to get a phone

Google Fi may not be the best price for a phone we have seen after all subscription and service fees, but it is certainly a solid option. The peace of mind you get when you go all-in with Google Fi and made for Fi phones also brings multi-carrier switch for great coverage, however. Regardless, if you are looking for an easy way to get going with a phone and service plan, this could be the way to go.