Pictures Leaked Of R600

Pictures of R600 have finally hit the net and boy, this card might be a bit on the large side. Supposedly, at launch the R600 will be available in two forms, the XTX and the XT. The XTX version of the card will sport 1GB of GDDR4 RAM and will be nearly 12" long consuming 275 Watts. The XT will have 512MB of GDDR4 RAM measuring in at 9.5" long and consuming 240 Watts. At the moment it looks like R600 is going to be a absolute monster in performance, size, and power consumption but we'll reserve our own commentary until we've actually tested the product.  For now, rumors and leaks are always fun to play with.  Just take them with a grain of salt or three.

VR-Zone has learned about some new details on 80nm R600 today and there will be 2 SKUs at launch; XTX and XT. There will be 2 versions of R600XTX; one is for OEM/SI and the other for retail. Both feature 1GB DDR4 memories on board but the OEM version is 12.4" long to be exact and the retail is 9.5" long. The above picture shows a 12.4" OEM version. The power consumption of the card is huge at 270W for 12" version and 240W for 9.5" version. As for R600XT, it will have 512MB of GDDR3 memories onboard, 9.5" long and consumes 240W of power. Lastly, there is a cheaper R600XL SKU to be launched at a later date.

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