Picky Pirate Lets You Steal Wisely

I love internet startups. It's fun to watch the trajectory they follow, from not-half-bad idea through college dorm jury-rig setup to garage to venture capitalist office to front page news or bankruptcy, sometimes both depending on the details.  Picky Pirate is a new website that serves as a meta-review aggregator and ranking system for reviews of available  music, games, and movies, and then offers the user  a one-click link to whatever torrents might be available for the desired content.

Ehud, the developer of PickyPirate told TorrentFreak that a friend asked him why nobody created a mashup of BitTorrent and Metacritic, “I immediately thought ‘Hey, that’s a really good idea!’” he said. “Basically I never know what to download from all the stuff that’s available.”

The site currently lists most popular items from the last 30 days for all categories (Music, Movies, PC Games, Xbox 360 and Wii). The lists are updated every 15 minutes, so if the scores change on Metacritic, they will be quickly updated on PickyPirate too.

If you click on one of the items on the frontpage it automatically lists all the “relevant torrents” available on The Pirate Bay and Mininova for that title, but more sites might be added later.

Ehud, let me offer you some free advice. Not advice; a prediction, really. If you manage to make a success of your business, and by some miracle the oceangoing rabid sharks from the RIAA don't eat you first, I guarantee you that the "friend" who gave you the idea will sue you for everything you have, and probably win. It's right there in print now-- it's his idea and you stole... I mean torrented it. You should find a torrent for The Godfather, and take Don Corleone's advice: Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking. 
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