Phantom Game Service, Nvidia in the Car, and a couple more!

Howdy Ya'll! The day after a blizzard is the perfect day to do nothing, really, every brain cell has stopped. I was barley able to crawl myself over to the computer, and work these unwilling hands. I've got a wood stove and football is on TV, can you blame me?

Dell 2005FPW 20" LCD Review @ Mikhailtech

"My model has significant backlight bleeding from the top right, top left, and bottom right corners. I didn't notice this at all until I previewed the "Blank Screen Saver" included with Windows XP in a slightly lit room. In virtual darkness (with the exception of a blue LED in my computer to the monitor's right), it became very noticeable. Looking at pictures of the issue online, I would say that I've received a fairly average backlight bleed."

RIO Forge 256MB Sport MP3 Player Review @ Rojakpot

"The portable MP3 player market has expanded a great deal lately and it is now very common to see people walking around with either a flash memory-based or the hard disk-based MP3 player hanging on their belts. Cassettes and CDs? Phish! That's the past! Today, we'll be looking at one of the more notable MP3 players - the RIO Forge 256MB Sport! Let's see how it fares against the deluge of MP3 players in the market!"

The Phantom Game Service @ Legit Reviews

"While looking around the nVIDIA booth we ran across the Phantom Game Service area and had the opportunity to speak with Richard Skoba from Infinium Labs. As the Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development Richard gave us the run down on the system and some information on the gaming network..."

"Nvidia to get into peoples' cars" @ The Inquirer

"NVIDIA IS A COMPANY that is really expanding in all directions. Its investors want it in order to make more and more money. At the show we saw a cool demo of future marchitecture where Nvidia plans to get some of its chips inside cars."

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