PGP Encrypted GTalk and Facebook Chat App Arrives To Secure Your Android Device

These days, anyone unconcerned about privacy violations is probably just being blissfully ignorant. There's plenty to be aware of, and apps like this certainly fit into the category. SecureIM Free Beta just launched onto the Google Play Store, supporting extra-support communications via the Google Talk protocol. Plus, support for secure Facebook Chat is coming "soon."

If you're wondering what exactly it'll add to your phone, have a look:
SecureIM is the first Secure-Chat application which is built to protect you from any possible or potential leak of privacy. These days organizations spy on our chats to target ads and Governments in the name of security, however there is no excuse of not demanding and having access to privacy when we want.

SecureIM secures your communication in 2 ways
1. Secure Transmission :- A chat message will be encrypted and only readable on the device it is sent to/from.
2. Single Use Keys :- The Keys generated while messaging are discarded when the application is closed, which means it is impossible to decode a message once the app is reloaded.

The application is extremely simple to use, no need to bother about the complexities of encryption and underlying privacy details, rest assured your messages will always be out of reach from snoopers.

This app uses Public Key Cryptography, each session generates its own private/public keys. Keys are never stored but kept in memory until the app is running.

Best of all, it's totally free to grab.