Pepsi Pops The Top On A Futuristic Smart Can With A Built-In LED Billboard

hero pepsi smart can
Pepsi has unveiled its smart can, a futuristic can of soda with a built-in LED billboard, of sorts. The flexible screen developed by the company’s global beverage design team in Ireland that started as a side project made its debut at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week.

Pepsi has always had a knack for advertising its products, such as the iconic 1992 Cindy Crawford commercial that filled the dreams of many a teenage boy. However, the popular soda company has lost some of its magic in recent years, recently losing its long-held number two soda brand in the US to Dr. Pepper. However, Pepsi is not taking the drop in popularity laying down, as it aims to bring innovation to the soda market in a unique manner, beginning with its smart can.

Don’t expect to taste any of Pepsi’s products from within the smart can, as it doesn’t actually contain any soda. In fact, the can is not even supposed to get wet. This is because of the 16oz can’s digital screen, movement sensors, and “state-of-the-art” sound technology. So, what is the can meant for? Well, Pepsi is calling it a “CANvas” for self expression.

“This innovation showcases how design and marketing can collaborate to unlock new meaningful brand opportunities and brings to life our new visual identity and messages in an ever-changing digital landscape,” remarked PepsiCo senior vice president and chief design officer Mauro Porcini in an interview with Fast Company.

For those hoping to get their hands on one of these smart cans, they may be waiting for a while. Currently, Pepsi is only making the smart can available to early adopters, creatives, and influencers in sports, gaming, and the music space. The company remarked that it hopes those who do get their hands on one of its smart cans will be able to portray “our fans’ passions.” Pepsi also hopes to make exclusives, such as access codes and special experiences through the can, available at a later date.

Pepsi’s Mark Kirkham added that the company looks to continue “boldly” experimenting with the latest technology and tools to “provide stronger personalization at scale while connecting people with passion points like sports, music, and gaming.”

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