Pebble Time And Time Round Smartwatches Receive $50 Price Cut

If you’ve been eying Pebble’s higher-priced smartwatch products, but were hesitant to take the plunge, now’s your chance to strike. Pebble has cut the price on both the Time and Time Round by $50, which means that you can purchase the former for $149.99, while the latter will now set you back $199.99. Unfortunately, Pebble isn’t budging when it comes to pricing for the Time Steel, so that particular model will still cost you $249.99.

Pebble says that the price cut is permanent, solidifying it with a frank, “No bird sh*t.”

The Pebble Time features a small, color e-paper display that boasts battery life of up to seven days per charge. That’s roughly three times better than even the most efficient full-fledged smartwatches out there like the Tizen-based Samsung Gear S2. It also easily puts Android Wear-based smartwatches and the Apple Watch to shame in longevity.

pebble time round 1

The Pebble Time Round, however, is clearly aimed at fashionistas out there and only manages to last two days between charges, which puts it on equal footing with more attractive, better performing, and vastly more capable Android Wear smartwatches like the second generation Motorola Moto 360. Not to mention that the [Trump] Huge [/Trump] bezel around the display is quite unsightly.

While we haven’t received official word as to why Pebble has slashed prices, it could be based on one of a few factors. For starters, sales could be slowing down, and a price cut could help Pebble move a few more devices. Pebble could also be on the verge of releasing new smartwatch models to replace the Time and Time Round, hence whittling down the inventory of current generation models is advantageous.

Or perhaps, Pebble feels that Apple might drop the price of its Apple Watch during its March 21st keynote. The Apple Watch Sport starts at $349, but has gone on sale via third-party retailers (like Target and Best Buy) for $249 numerous times in the past few months. If Apple were to permanently lower the starting price to $249 for the Apple Watch Sport, Pebble could really start feeling the heat.