Pebble Smartwatch Shows Off Android SDK at Google I/O

Although we expected the Pebble smartwatch’s SDK to emerge sometime in August, the team released a developer preview of it at Google I/O. The document will help devs get cracking on configuring apps to play nicely with Pebble and includes code to push and receive notifications and data to and from Pebble. The document will continue to evolve between now and the final SDK release.

Pebble became an overnight Kickstarter sensation, demonstrating the power of a compelling idea to elicit grassroots support through the fundraising site. Though requesting just $100,000 in funding, Pebble eventually raised more than $10.2 million with 68,929 backers.

The device works with devices on both the iOS and Android platforms and runs a Cortex-M3 ARM processor with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 144x168 e-paper display.