PC Silencing Guide - Part 1, HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB

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HIS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB @ Overclockers Online

"If you were not impressed by the 42% overclock of the GPU core or the 22% overclock of the memory, then surely the temperature when running this ridiculously impressive overclock under load thanks to the IceQ II cooling technology that HIS incorporates in their X800GTO offering has you running out the door to buy it. In addition to the overclocking capabilities of the HIS X800GTO, the pure performance of this new chipset is just incredible.IS X800GTO IceQ II Turbo 256MB"

PC Silencing Guide - Part 1 @ HardwareHell

"Graphics cards, processors and almost every other component inside our PCs become increasingly powerful with each generation, and, as a result, often consume more power and produce more heat than the previous generation. Do we just have to accept that in order to cool these hot running components, PCs will continue to just get louder and louder? Not necessarily."

Digital Media Server 701 by 2partsfusion @ HTPCnews.com

"Prebuilt HTPC's aren't normally something we review, but recently there has been a massive increase in people looking for them. Due to this, here's our review of the 2partsfusion 701 Digital Media Server. For those of you who build your own, you might want to still read it so you can see what parts you may want to use in future builds. These guys pick their parts extremely well."

Ultra Products 2nd Generation 500W X-Finity PSU @ BigBruin

"One issue that Ultra Products seems to be avoiding is the power factor value. While most manufacturers are offering units with active (or passive) PFC resulting in PF values around 0.90 - 0.99... the Xconnect and previous X-Finity were both rated in the low 0.60 range, and the new X-Finity is slightly improved at 0.70, but that is still quite weak."

Thermaltake T-Type H20-temp Indicator Review @ Madshrimps

"Thermaltake provides an easy to use T-Type digital water-temp meter. Reading your H20-cooling system anywhere in the loop you like, the unit features a water-temp alarm, if for example your pump were to fail. Is the unit accurate? Read on to find out."

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