Patriot Shows Off Blistering 14GB/s SSD And 11,500MHz DDR5 RAM At Computex

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Patriot Memory is using Computex as an opportunity to show off some of the fastest parts it currently has available in its product lineup.

The company’s Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5 series of memory is bringing some seriously fast performance to the table. Patriot is claiming that this memory can achieve speeds of up to 8,200 MT/s, and with some overclocking can be pushed up to a whopping 11,500 MT/s. There’s also a collaboration in place with MSI to create the Viper Xtreme DDR5 MPOWER Series, which is designed to appeal to gamers, thanks to the inclusion of RGB, that will be available in capacities up to 48GB.
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A key component of this collaboration is MSI’s EZ Dashboard utility, which enables users to set precise timings and control voltage. Moreover, there’s something for enthusiasts, too -- on-die ECC technology -- which the company says, “ensures data integrity even under extreme conditions, making it a top choice for enthusiasts.”

The Viper PV573 is Patriot Memory’s flagship offering for users looking for a speedy storage solution. The company is claiming that this Gen5 NVMe SSD is capable of hitting sequential read speeds of up to 14,000 MB/s and write speeds of up to 12,000 MB/s. The Viper PV573 houses a PCIe Gen5 controller alongside 2,400 MT/s NAND and will offer a maximum capacity of 4TB.

Users in need of more storage space can look to the Viper PD573, which is also a Gen5 SSD, but without DRAM, that can provide up to 16TB of capacity.

These are some interesting offerings by Patriot, especially with their DDR5 memory sporting ECC technology. Now workstation users have options if they want a bit of RGB bling as they work.