Pariah Preview, High-End CPU Coolers Roundup, and more!

Hey folks, we've had some news building up in the box, so it's time for a release :) For something different tonight, I've included a preview of the upcoming game "Pariah", which looks really cool. Really. Well, it's only 11PM but I'm beat, so it's off to bed with me. Goodnight all.

High-End CPU Coolers Roundup: The Battle for Silence and Efficiency @ X-Bit labs

"Nowadays computer users pay attention not only to performance of their PCs, but also to such characteristic as external design, high stability and silence. Given that modern computers produce incredible amount of heat, coolers play one of the biggest roles in making the PCs comfortable to work on. Today X-bit labs attempts to find out the best among the best from CoolerMaster, Gigabyte and Zalman."

Pariah Preview @ HEXUS

"In a nutshell, you play the part of Jack Mason (a great action shooter hero name if ever there was one!), a burnt out doctor who really has hit the lowest point in his less than illustrious career. You're reduced to baby sitting cryogenically frozen medical patients and are on a routine trip when your ship is blasted from the sky over a prison planet."

Asetek WaterChill KT03A-L30 @ Overclockers Online

"Today O² is presenting you an in depth look at Asetek's most powerful watercooling kit currently available: the Asetek WaterChill CPU Power Kit featuring the Antarctica waterblock and a black ice radiator that can handle a total of three 120mm fans! Powerful? You bet!"

Thermaltake Soprano @ Phoronix

"A soprano can be defined as a high singing voice, or in the case of Thermaltake, one of their latest computer chassis'. When we examine the Soprano Middle Tower, will this case make us want to sing in honor or great disappointment?"

RAM Mod - Blue @ A True Review

"A relatively new SoCal company, Razotech, who specializes in high performance PC gaming cases, PC modification accessories, and much more has provided us with an interesting mod. Today, we take a look at their Ram Mod."