Parallels XP SP3 Support Up To a Month Away

In anticipation of the official rollout of Windows XP SP3, both Apple and VMware have recently released updates to their software (Boot Camp and Fusion, respectively)--promising users who run Windows XP on their Macs that their systems will be compatible with the XP SP3 update. Parallels, however, has been quiet on the matter in regards to XP SP3 compatibility with their Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization app. 

However, today HotHardware was able to get a comment from a Parallels spokesman in regards to Parallels Desktop for Mac XP SP3 compatibility: "Parallels Desktop for Mac support of Windows XP SP 3 is scheduled in an update to come out in the next month," said Corey Thomas, VP of marketing for Parallels. The Parallels forums show several users who tried unsuccessfully to upgrade their XP installs to SP3 from within Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Microsoft's XP SP3 rollout was supposed to go live yesterday, but got delayed by a glitch. This buys Parallels a little time, but is likely to still leave some users high-and-dry who want to install the SP3 update once it is released.
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