Paradigm Shift Introduces Ultra-Cheap 5" Color E-reader

The e-reader market has experienced quick growth over the past couple of years, but even today, only a couple of standouts are well-known. Amazon's Kindle is easily the most well-recognized e-reader out there, with most every other one riding shotgun at best. But what the influx of lower-end, lesser-known e-readers has done is drive down prices overall, and for those who don't really care about branding or access to Amazon's specific e-book store, that's great news.

Also, the impending boom in Tablet PCs has left the e-reader market in an interesting position. E-readers still hold the lead in terms of readability and battery life, but overall functionality goes to the Tablet. It's clear that e-readers are becoming more and more a niche device, and while you may not be concerned about them at $200+, the introduction of the "bargain" e-reader may make you think twice.

Paradigm Shift has just revealed what might be the most inexpensive e-reader yet. The EER-051D is a 5" reader with a full-color display (LCD, not E Ink) and support for a multitude of film formats. It can also play back music and video files, hold content on the 2GB of internal storage and store even more material on the SD card slot. Units will be available soon in a variety of colors, with final shipments taking place in May for just $129.95. Not bad for a basic reading device, but don't expect any bells and whistles.

Paradigm Shift Sourcing and Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Bows the World's Most Affordable DRM compatible E-Book Reader Series

Hong Kong Electronics Fair, April 14th, 2010: Hong Kong SAR, China: Paradigm Shift expands its cutting edge e-reader with FULL COLOR LCD e-Book Readers able to read all major eBook formats, including Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks.

EER-051D: Unlike most e-readers on the market, the 5" EER-051D features full color TFT high resolution display with enhanced contrast panel designed for ease of reading and long battery life. It also features a full gamut e-book format compatibility, including: ANSI , UNICODE TXT ,DOC,PDF,HTML,FB2 ,PDB, EPUB (including DRM encrypted books). In addition the EER-051D is an Mp3 audio and Mp4 video player, has a built in FM radio and photo viewer and has 2GB built in memory plus an SD card memory expansion slot. Proposed MSRP: $129.95

5" Units will be available in mass production for OEM clients and importers in white, pastel blue, pastel periwinkle, pastel pink, black and silver case colors and will be the end of May, 2010.

Units will be available in the USA through US distributor, Delstar Wholesale Electronics at major retailers everywhere.

Paradigm Shift is seeking OEM brand/ distributors worldwide

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