Pandora Rewards Artist-Engaged Listeners With Uninterrupted Music With Sponsored Listening

Streaming music services are getting creative with their advertising spots, making sitting through commercials a little more tolerable for listeners. One of those ads is the Sponsored Listening hour, in which listeners interact with an ad in exchange for an hour of uninterrupted listening. This week, Pandora is taking the service out of Beta and giving advertisers some extra features for engaging customers. 

While the idea of bigger, better advertising might not be thrilling, it doesn’t hurt to have a better experience for the 15 seconds or so you’ll spend to get that free hour. One of the new features Pandora is touting is 360-degree product viewing.

LandRover 360

“The sponsored listening offering is unique, and we jumped at the opportunity to align with this attention-based service during the launch of the new Discovery Sport,” said Land Rover’s digital marketing and social media manager, Kim Kyaw in a statement. “Pandora’s sponsored listening product allowed consumers to engage with the vehicle – by watching a video or by interacting with a 360 degree unit – for at least 15 seconds. Opportunities to engage with our consumers around new vehicle launches within premium listening environments are difficult to find.”

As a listener, you can expect to see videos and ads that involve swiping through slideshows on your mobile device, along with the new 360-degree view mode. Aside from Land Rover North America, Pandora has brought some other big names into the official Sponsored Listening spot this week, including Corona Extra, Gatorade, truTV and Yuengling.

Overall, Pandora’s advertising program isn’t a bad deal for listeners. If you’re not interested in the product, you’ll only need to sit through it for about 15 seconds. (Of course, some ads can run as long as 2.5 minutes.) If you are interested, you can fool around with the 360-degree view or flip through product photos before kicking off an hour of ad-free music.