Pandora For Windows Phone 8 Launched Ad-Free For 2013

Pandora is still a very popular streaming music radio service, but the company is dealing with a growing cadre of serious competitors; Windows Phone 8 has a similar problem in the mobile market with iOS and Android. Now, the two companies have partnered to offer Pandora ad-free on Windows Phone 8 at no cost, for the rest of 2013.

The app itself looks smooth and pretty, and it offers users the ability to pin favorite stations to their Start screens, and a live tile shows what track is playing. There’s also a handy feature in Windows Phone 8 called Kid’s Corner that’s sort of a ”guest account” that sequesters all your kid-friendly content and apps; in Pandora, that feature automatically blocks explicit content, so your kids won’t accidentally start learning Eminem lyrics.

Windows Phone 8 Pandora

What’s interesting about this partnership is that it appears as though Microsoft is the one subsidizing the cost of the ad-free streaming; judging by Pandora’s recent financial struggles including the new 40-hour-per-month mobile streaming cap, perhaps anything else would have been a dealbreaker for the streaming service.

In any case, as Pandora and Windows Phone 8 fight for consumer attention in their respective markets, this deal will benefit both parties.