Pandigital Photo Mail LED Digital Photo Frame With AT&T Connectivity

We've seen digital photo frames shifting their feature set over the last few months in particular; it used to be that a large screen, maybe a Wi-Fi module and a few card slots made a decent frame. Now, it's not a standout frame without something really radical--something like a printer, or something like a live data connection with AT&T.

T-Mobile's Cameo frame sparked this idea around a year ago, but that one barely took off. It has all but moved off of the radar screen, but we think more of that had to do with the odd selling situation than anything else. First, you had to be a T-Mobile customer to buy one; in case that wasn't limiting enough, there was also a monthly fee for using it, regardless of how often you used the connected features.

In case you're still wondering what we're referring to, we're talking about a connected digital photo frame. It's a standard frame, with standard ports, but it also includes a SIM card slot and can be contacted via the web. Pandigital has introduced one of its own this week at CES, and thanks to a partnership with AT&T, users can have photos emailed to the frame. The Photo Mail LED Digital Photo Frame ships with 300 image downloads, and after those are used up, more can be purchased through Pandigital's site. You can inform friends of your frame's email address, and when they send the photo, it'll instantly pop up on the screen and give you the option to download. It's priced at $149.99.