Panasonic's MW-10 Digital Photo Frame Also Docks Your iPod, Plays Movies

For awhile, we figured that the digital photo frame had played its last card and it wouldn't be long before we saw the frames of yesteryear popping up in bargain bins everywhere as retailers made room for more enticing wares. Evidently that's not at all the plan, as it seems that digital frame makers are instead opting to spruce up their existing designs in order to milk all they can from the segment.

We've already seen a bundle of frames with integrated printing units, and now Panasonic is deviating even further with its MW-10. This photo frame is the company's first-ever audio system with iPod dock and photo frame, and unless we've missed something, it's the first of its kind from any outfit. The MW-10 combines several components into one sleek system, making it a capable all-in-one multimedia solution for den, office, bedroom, dorm room or living room.

There's also a CD player in here, an AM/FM radio tuner, a speaker constructed with rigid, low-density bamboo cones, and the iPod dock allows any iPod to play back audio and video on the frame. The unit touts a 9" WVGA dispay, 4GB of internal storage space, a calendar/clock function, an SD memory card slot and a USB port. The multifaceted MW-10 will be available just in time for Christmas for $299.95.