Panasonic Debuts VIERA GT25 Line Of 3D Plasma HDTVs

3D has conquered the cinema, it's on the way to conquering 3D gaming on the PC, and after that, it's planning on taking over your living room. But what if you have no real interest in watching 3D content? If you're a gamer, there's still a chance to hook you, and that's Panasonic's plans with their newest 3D HDTVs.

The company, at CES 2010, introduced a number of large-screen 3D televisions, but none were small and cheap enough to be impulse buys. We can't say that either of these two sets are cheap enough either, but they're certainly small enough for bedrooms. The new VIERA GT25 line includes just two models for now: the 42" TC-P42G25 and the 50" TC-P50GT25. Both have 1080p resolutions, and they both cater to gamers who are looking for a larger 3D experience than what they can have on their LCD monitor.

The 42" set in particular is Panasonic's smallest 1080p 3D plasma, and these are both the company's first to offer 2D-to-3D upconversion. Both are expected to go on sale later this month for $1699.95 and $2099.95, respectively.

Panasonic Expands its Line of Full HD 3D VIERA Plasma TVs
New VIERA GT25 Full HD 3D Plasma Series Introduces New 42-inch Class and 50-inch Class Screen Sizes

SECAUCUS, N.J., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Full HD 3D(1) technology, announced today the expansion of its award-winning line of Full HD 3D VIERA® Plasma TVs with the launch of the Panasonic VIERA GT25 Series of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs(2).  The series will feature Panasonic's first 42-inch class (41.6" measured diagonally) Full HD 3D Plasma TV, broadening Panasonic's range of Full HD 3D TV offerings and addressing consumer requests for a smaller 3D set for video gaming.

The VIERA GT25 Series features 42-inch class (41.6" measured diagonally) and 50-inch class (49.9" measured diagonally) screen sizes.  The TC-P42G25 will have an MSRP(3) of $1699.95 and the TC-P50GT25 will have an MSRP of $2099.95.  Both models will be available in late August 2010.  Active Shutter 3D Eyewear required for viewing 3D content is sold separately.  Complete technical specifications for the GT25 Series are now available at  

The VIERA GT25 series augments Panasonic's VT25 series (named Best in Show at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show) of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs providing consumers with a broader product line which now ranges from 42-inch class through 65-inch class screen sizes.  Panasonic also markets 85-inch class, 103-inch class and 152-inch class professional Full HD 3D Plasma models.

"From the beginning, Panasonic has led the charge into the immersive world of 3D home entertainment by offering end-to-end 3D home entertainment solutions including Full HD 3D VIERA Plasma TVs, 3D Blu-ray Disc Players, professional and consumer 3D camcorders, the nation's first suite of 3D TV channels with partner DIRECTV, and the authoring of 3D Blu-ray movies in cooperation with the Hollywood studios," said Henry Hauser, Panasonic Vice President, Merchandising, Display Group. "The debut of our VIERA GT25 Series of Full HD 3D TVs further expands our portfolio of 3D offerings and makes it even easier for consumers to join the immersive world of Full HD 3D for the home."

While the VIERA® GT25 Series represents a new price point, the models include many of the same innovative features found on the critically-acclaimed VIERA VT25 models including Panasonic's proprietary IPTV functionality, VIERA CAST™ which features USB connectivity, allowing for the addition of a wireless LAN adaptor, keyboard and USB memory. VIERA CAST now includes such favorite entertainment sites as Amazon Video-on-Demand™, Netflix™, Google's YouTube™, Picasa™ Web Album, Bloomberg, Pandora, Twitter and a weather service, as well as Skype(4)™ on Your VIERA TV.  With ease of use as a major focus, VIERA CAST's interface implements quick keyword input (like a cell phone) to help retrieve favorite content faster and easier.

Another prominent feature of the GT25 series that is also found in the VT25 series is VIERA Link™, which allows Panasonic owners to control their VIERA Link compatible audio and video products with just one remote. This feature also affords the consumer the opportunity to add a network camera to the mix. And THX® Certified Display certification insures that every Panasonic Full HD 3D TV displays motion pictures and television content with the quality and color palette that the director intended.

Like its VT25 counterpart, the GT25 series also features 600Hz Sub-field Drive; 1080p Full HD resolution; 1080 lines of moving picture resolution; VIERA Image Viewer (for viewing of digital still images), 24p Cinematic Playback and new fast switching phosphors.

The GT25 Series also includes 2D to 3D conversion which can convert a 2D image or video to 3D.

Panasonic's range of Full HD 3D VIERA Plasma HDTVs, when coupled with Panasonic's 3D Blu-ray Disc players (DMP-BDT100, DMP- BDT300, DMP-BDT350) bring a new era of immersive visual entertainment into consumers' homes, by creating a 3D experience that easily rivals the best that can be seen in cinemas.   In addition, Panasonic and DIRECTV recently ushered in a new age in the rapid growth of 3D entertainment for the home with the launch of n3D™ powered by Panasonic – a DIRECTV channel dedicated exclusively to 3D programming. n3D powered by Panasonic is now available at no additional cost to millions of DIRECTV HD customers and features a range of sports and entertainment programming exclusively in 3D.  Panasonic is the exclusive presenting sponsor of DIRECTV's n3D channel, one of three 3D TV channels from DIRECTV that deliver movies, sports and entertainment content from some of the world's most renowned 3D producers.

All Panasonic VIERA® Full HD 3D TV models are also Full HD TVs that display pristine 1080p content in two dimensions (2D) for conventional HD viewing.

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