Palm Pre Gets Two More webOS Apps, More To Come?

Palm may have released its Mojo SDK Beta for webOS developers earlier this month, but we've yet to see any real action spawn from it. In contrast, it only took developers a matter of days with Apple's iPhone SDK to start pumping out quality software, and now the App Store has well over 65,000 programs to choose from.

Still, we can't help but be excited by the news that two more applications are now available in Palm's App Catalog. They aren't ground breaking by any measure, but they're definitely worthwhile and definitely act as signs that progress is happening. The first new application, which is available to Palm Pre owners today for free, is OpenTable. For those familiar with the online version, you'll feel right at home here. The app enables you to search for nearby places to eat/drink, check out details and eventually reserve yourself (and your party) a table. Pretty helpful on a Saturday night, wouldn't you say?

The second app is Fliq Bookmarks, a helpful utility from Mark/Space that works with The Missing Sync for Palm Pre to transfer Safari bookmarks from your desktop (Mac for now, PC coming soon) to your Palm Pre. So far as we can tell, this is more of a one-use thing that something you'll find necessary on a daily basis, but again, we'll take any Pre apps we can get at this point. We suppose the development process on the Pre may take a bit longer than usual, and maybe a rush of apps are waiting just around the bend. We sure hope so, 'cause Palm has quite a ways to go before it catches Apple.