Palm OS & Vista: Friends At Last

Palm has a gift for Vista users to help celebrate the operating system's first birthday: an 'final' desktop synchronization kit.  It should be noted that Palm has offered a beta of this software since summertime, but the final revision still lacks a few features such a the Quick Install tool and the ability to synch e-mail over a USB cable.

“In addition to supporting Windows Vista Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate, Palm Desktop 6.2 is compatible with Windows XP Home and Professional and Windows Media Center Edition 2005. 64-bit Editions of Windows Vista are not supported.

Palm devices supported include Palm Centro under Vista and XP and the Treo 755p, 700p, and 680, Palm TX and Z22, and Tungsten E2 under Vista only. The software is not compatible with other Palm devices, such as the Tungsten T5, LifeDrive or Treo 600.”

So the bottom line is that the final release is missing a few features, and doesn't offer 64-bit support.  Hardly seems like a final version, but there's always the next release to look forward to.
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