OWC Offering Souped-Up Mac Mini HTPC Bundles

Apple's Mac Mini has been viewed as a legitimate HTPC contender ever since the original model was released years back. People immediately began hacking the mounting options to get them onto the backs of their televisions, and with the new model, it became an even nicer solution. With a more powerful CPU and GPU, more storage space and great connectivity options, many use the Mac Mini as their primary Boxee Box.

But there are a number of chinks in the armor. For one, there's no TV tuner option. And second, there's no Blu-ray option. It's hard to take an HTPC seriously these days if you can't incorporate those two things, but now Other World Computing and Elgato are coming together to make the Mac Mini into the HTPC it could have been from the start. The two will be joining up to sell pre-configured Mac Mini machines (you have to send yours in, so far as we can tell, but the build after that is pre-configured), with the 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo versions both available. Customers can upgrade the RAM and the HDD as they choose, and those with extra cash can also add a TV Tuner and a Blu-ray burner.

Following that, a Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 4-bay RAID can be added to the bundle to give you up to 12TB of extra storage. If you link that to your Mac Mini, you'll be able to house a radical amount of DVDs and digital downloads, not to mention your entire CD library and photo albums from the past decade. Neither company is talking pricing just yet when it comes to these packages, but it sounds like the ultimate combination for Mac users who are in need of a very spacious (and very capable) HTPC. Order options should be coming soon at the Via link below.

Macworld 2011: OWC Chooses Elgato’s EyeTV Television Solutions for new Media Center Offering
San Francisco, Calif. – January 27, 2011 - Elgato today announced that Other World Computing (OWC) has integrated EyeTV software and Elgato TV devices into their new, plug and play Home Theater Media Center Solution. The Media Center Solution includes installing the Plex digital media management platform onto a customer’s 2010 Mac mini, and upgrading the computer with an EyeTV Hybrid tuner or EyeTV HD DVR, additional RAM, a storage solution, Blu-ray disc burner, and an Apple Remote. OWC will be demonstrating the new Media Center Solution in booth #513 at the Macworld Expo, which begins today in San Francisco, California.

"Elgato’s award-winning TV tuners together with OWC's option-rich media center bundle are great companions to Apple's Mac mini," said Adam Steinberg, Elgato's Vice President of Marketing. "No matter if you have a premium package, or over the air HD, these bundles are the ultimate media center solution at an unbeatable price."

EyeTV Hybrid is an award-winning TV tuner stick for analog cable or digital antenna that delivers live television to your Mac. EyeTV HD is a full-featured DVR that captures television from your HD cable or satellite receiver and delivers it live to your Mac in high-definition.

Live Product Demos Presented At Macworld Expo
The OWC Media Center Solution for 2010 Mac mini will be demonstrated live at the Macworld Expo in OWC’s booth #513. Pricing and ordering information for the custom configured bundle for 2010 Mac mini, which will include a 48 business hours or less installation turnaround, will be announced later this month.