OWC Launches 480GB SSD For 2010 MacBook Air

One of the bigger issues with solid state drives is size. Not form factor size, but capacity size. Other World Computing has been producing large SSDs and SSD upgrade kits for notebooks for some time, and now, they're really going above and beyond the call of duty. The company has just released the Mercury Aura Pro Express 480GB, a monster of a drive that the company claims is the largest high-performance SSD available for the 2010 MacBook Air.

Apple's tiny machine requires some special TLC when it comes to upgrading, and there's no drive nicer than this. The Aura Pro Express family provides transfer rates as high as 275Mb/sec, and also provides your wallet with a serious dent. OWC's charging $1579.99 for the upgrade, which is almost laughable. But there's also been a price premium tied to mega huge SSDs, and as you might guess, this case is no different.