Over Half of Internet Queries Answered by Google

Google’s search engine is the world’s most visited page. According to ComScore Inc., last month, Google furthered its lead over Yahoo and Microsoft in Internet searches to a new milestone: a majority market share. 50.7% of Internet searches done in the U.S. were done through Google, which is a gain of about 1% from the previous month. Yahoo and Microsoft’s pieces of the pie were 26.4% and 10.3% respectively.
“The battle for online searches is closely followed by advertisers, who use it to judge where to buy ads. Mountain View, California-based Google is adding images, book excerpts, news and video to its search results to attract more users and create new space for advertisements.”
7.6 billion searches were done for the month of May in the U.S., which marks an increase of over 11% from the year before. What does it mean though? In politics, if you win a majority government, it’s good and all, but it isn’t much different from winning a minority government; you’re in power either way. However, in the corporate world, having possession of the majority of shares gives you the power to make important corporate decisions. So when it comes to Google, which is it? Either way, we can probably all agree that Google's achievement is "priceless" (pun intended).
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