Microsoft Supercharged 'One Outlook' App To Replace Mail And Calendar In Windows 10

hero outlook
Microsoft has been promising changes to the Windows platform for quite some time now. However, it appears that updates are not limited to the Windows UI, as Outlook could be getting a facelift soon. This new universal Outlook app would replace the Mail and Calendar app on Windows 10 upon release. Users can experience this new Outlook today, however, in their browsers through the Outlook Web app.

Using the Outlook app on Windows 10 always seemed clunky in some ways and not very user friendly in others. To help quell these issues, Microsoft is working on what they called the “One Outlook” vision, dubbed Project Monarch. This project would ultimately take out the variety of Outlook apps that Microsoft supports in favor of one unified app for all platforms. This would likely make development much more streamlined while making the user experience significantly better for all users.
outlook inbrowser

According to WindowsCentral, the new Outlook app will also have “native OS integrations with support for things like offline storage, share targets, notifications, and more.” It seems the goal with the new Outlook client is to make it as seamless as possible with Windows 10. If you do want to experience what the new Outlook will roughly be like, minus some changes, you can use the web version of Outlook.

Rumors state that Microsoft will be testing the Monarch client sometime later this year with a release in 2022. Interestingly, this is roughly around the same time that we expect Windows 10 to get a UI refresh, so the timing does make sense. In any case, let us know what you think of Microsoft changing up the look of Outlook in the comments below.