"OS X" Mentions In Steam Files Give Hope For Mac Version

Steam recently unveiled an "all new version" for PC users--all 25 million or so of them. And even though 25 million have access to a near-limitless amount of on-demand games, one growing sector has been completely shut out. Yes, we're talking about Mac users.

Apple's OS X has been unsupported by Valve's Steam app forever; there has yet to be a Mac port of it, leaving Mac-based gamers with the reality of having to go to an actual store to buy their games. It looks like Steam's "new beta" might not be the only things that the software engineers have been focused on, as new code and screenshots are showing the potential for an Apple-friendly version of Steam.

A user over at the Steam forums was digging through some of the Steam files recently, and they stumbled upon a string of files with "osx" in the file name. It's hard to think of anything else embedded in Steam files that "osx" would relate to, and frankly, Valve has overlooked the Mac market for far too long. Now that Macs rely on potent Intel processors, they aren't the "second rate" gaming machines that they used to be. And while the market share is low compared to that of the PC, Mac users generally want to spend money on software and accessories.

Is Steam for Mac just around the corner? One can hope.