This Original Xbox Dashboard Easter Egg Has Remained Hidden For Nearly 20 Years

original xbox easter egg uncovered by anonymous developer
Released in 2001, the original Xbox has become a classic gaming console that millions of people have played even to this day. Just over 20 years later, it seems there are also still easter eggs to be found on the device. With a little bit of work, Xbox console owners can see a list of members on the Xbox Dashboard Team hidden within the System Info menu.

Yesterday, a developer for the original Xbox who wished to remain anonymous spoke with Kotaku about a previously hidden easter egg within the Xbox Dashboard. This person came forward because they “didn’t really expect it to be found, not unless the source code leaked or somebody reverse-engineered the Dashboard.” Interestingly, the source stated that “Its trigger was the same as the ‘main’ Easter egg so I knew it was possible,” however, they “figured somebody would have to leak it for it to be known.”

The “main” easter egg the source references is a hidden credits screen which is triggered by going to the audio CD ripping screen and naming a rip “<<Eggsβox>>.” The new easter egg works similarly by entering a specific name for a rip, but it requires the user to wait for the rip to be completed. Afterward, the System Info screen will list the members of the original Xbox Dashboard Team at Microsoft. There are also supposedly other easter eggs on the Xbox, so perhaps try some digging if you give this easter egg a whirl following the instructions below:
  1. Go to the "Music" menu, and insert an audio CD (that is preferably short).
  2. From the Audio CD menu, chose "Copy," then "Copy" once more, and then "New Soundtrack."
  3. Delete the default soundtrack title and replace it with the following without quotes: “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”  
    1. That is "y" 26 times, but you can fill the entire title field less one "y" and an exclamation point on the end. 
  4. Start the copy and wait for it to complete.
  5. Go back to the main menu and go into the "Settings" and then "System Info."
  6. You should now see a screen listing members of the "Xbox Dashboard Team."  Cool, right?
We attempted to test this out ourselves, but sadly all the Xbox consoles we had in house were either lost to time or not able to be connected due to lost cables. Thus, we will have to take Kotaku’s word that this works. If you do manage to test this out, let us know how it goes in the comments below, as we would love to see it in action.