Original Motorola DROID Facing End Of Life

According to a leak from Verizon's system, the carrier is planning to phase out the original Motorola DROID smartphone as well as the budget Devour. Both smartphones will get few, if any, more shipments as Verizon Wireless sells out its remaining stock.

At this point, no estimate has been given as to when the phones will sell out, but neither phone is listed in Verizon's leaked summer catalog. DROID Forums spotted the departure, which also includes devices such as the original BlackBerry Tour, the Nokia Twist, and a few Samsung feature phones including the Intensity, Knack, Saga, and Smooth.

The Motorola DROID became available last November. Although it may reach end of life less than a year after it made its debut, it has had a good run and is considered one of the most important Android smartphones to date.

Other highly praised Android smartphones have come to market since the original DROID's debut, including the Droid Incredible by HTC. Despite having to compete with other successful Android smartphones, the Motorola DROID has sold well and has been credited with increasing Android's market share.

Although the news hasn't officially been announced by Verizon, between the recent launch of the Droid X and the upcoming August launch of the Droid 2, a phase out of the original DROID seems realistic.