Origami 2.0 : UMPC Spec Update

As laptop sales continue to soar it seems that the day of the UMPC might soon be upon us.  UMPCs are essentially scaled down laptops in both size and power, but completely capable of running normal OSes and applications (i.e. no need for Windows Mobile or a similar OS).

It looks like MS has gone back to the drawing board with their take, Origami, and may be releasing a second generation spec soon.  Speaking of new specs it seems that the weight will likely be less than a pound and a half while packing could possibly include the following features:
  • 1024x600 LED backlit screen (excellent for battery life)
  • 18 to 20 mm thick
  • 3-4 hours battery life
  • 1GB minimum memory
  • possibly a QWERTY keyboard
While these specs are not set in stone at this time, they seem pretty reasonable.  Hopefully vendors will include what is perhaps the most interesting number of all, the price: possibly between $499 and $599 for entry level devices.

The only thing potentially missing from the spec was DX10 graphics.  Hopefully by the time the next version of the spec rolls out there will be enough DX10 mobile parts that are cool enough, small enough, and cheap enough to be included in such a tiny device.

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Via:  ArsTechnica
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