Opus Tower, Samsung DVD 8x writer, Asus Mobo and Other Goodness

Good morning friends, I am glad to see you are back :)  Sorry about the late start this morning, I had to make a quick run to the local computer store for some supplies.  Last night my GF decided she wanted to rearrange the bedroom, and of course the Ethernet cable that was hooked up her computer fell about 3 inches to short.  But, isn't that the way it always is.  Twenty five feet of cable is too short, and fifty feet is overkill.  Since I am too lazy to start crimping my own RJ45's, maybe it is time to step into the world of wireless networking!?!? ;)

Opus Technologies MT-200 Mid-Tower Titanium Plated Case @ Extreme Overclocking

"The Opus Technologies MT-200 Titanium Plated Midi-server case is loaded with almost everything you could ask for in a case. It sports a mirrored titanium plated finish namely that has to be seen firsthand to even begin to understand the quality. This case is much more than just looks though..."

SAMSUNG SH-W08A 8x DVD writer @ Hardware Zone

"We had a chance to look at SAMSUNG's latest DVD writer that has DVD-RAM read capability as well. Though this SAMSUNG drive took quite a bit of time to materialize, we were not that impressed with the results in the end. Find out why."

Asus K8V SE Deluxe Athlon64 Motherboard @ PimpRig

"Here's an interesting thing with the RAM slots; where you place your RAM will dictate the RAM speed. For example, if I place a stick of double sided RAM in DIMM1, I get DDR 400. If I add another stick of RAM in DIMM2 or 3, I still get 400. But if I place those same two sticks of RAM in only DIMM2 and DIMM3, I would end up with DDR 200 speed."

SilverStone's Lascala SST-LC01 enclosure @ Tech-Report

"Although the small footprint and stylish aesthetic of most small form factor systems is great for home theater PCs, there are times when nothing less than a full ATX enclosure will do. Start filling a home theater PC with multiple tuners, Wi-Fi, a high-end audio card, and multiple hard drives and you'll quickly reach the expansion limits of even most Micro ATX cases platforms, not to mention the air flow disaster that results from cramming all that hardware into a tiny case. "

Gigabyte GeForce FX5500 @ Legion Hardware

"The GeForceFX 5500 is an interesting solution and thankfully it will deliver even more value into the hands of consumers. This solution features a number of enhancements over the FX5200 with none more important than the memory bus. While the majority of FX5200 solutions came with 64-bit memory, all FX5500 cards will utilize a 128-bit memory bus. This means the memory bandwidth will be increased from the 3.2GB/s of the FX5200 to a staggering 6.4GB/s for the FX5500. However this applies for the standard 200MHz (DDR400) memory. Gigabyte have decided to make their solution even more powerful shipping it with the memory clocked at 250MHz or DDR500."

That is all for the moment folks.  Check back later, I am sure more goodies are on the way :) - Cheers

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