Optoma CinemaX D2 Projectors Throw A 100-Inch Image For Glorious Gaming At 240Hz

Two people gaming in front of an Optoma CinemaX D2 Smart projector.
Optoma is looking to score street cred with gamers who want to play on a big screen with fast framerates, perhaps even competitively. On paper, its new CinemaX D2 and Cinemax D2 Smart projectors look up to the task. Armed with an ultra-short throw glass lens, both models can beam up to a 100-inch image from less than a foot away from the projection surface.

The real difference between the two models is smart functionality—the CinemaX D2 Smart adds an Android TV dongle and a fancier voice-controlled remote with a Google Assistant button to the mix. Otherwise, the specs between the two SKUs align with one another.

Angled view of the Optoma CinemaX D2 Smart projector on a white background.

Both projectors mesh DLP technology from Texas Instruments with Optoma's own DuraCore laser technology. They both also feature an "Enhanced Gaming Mode" that promises blur-free visuals and low lag gaming with a 16ms response time. The ability to play competitively at 1080p with a fast 240Hz refresh rate is very attractive. The projectors also support 4K resolution gaming, albeit at 60Hz.

The CinemaX D2 series serve up 3,000 lumens with the laser life good for 30,000 hours, according to the rated specifications, along with a 1,800,000:1 contrast ratio and HDR support (HDR10 and HLG). They are not quite as bright as LG's CineBeam HU915QE, but that costs around twice as much. There's also a "Wall Color" setting to extract the best image possible from from various surface colors.

"With the 'Wall Color' setting, you can alter the projected image based on the color of your wall. With six options to chose from you can easily adjust for blackboard, light yellow, light green, light blue, pink and grey walls to get the most accurate color gamut," Optoma explains.

Optoma CinemaX D2 Smart ports on the back.

As for the connectivity options, you're looking at three HDMI 2.0 inputs (no HDMI 2.1 ports like Epson's Pro Cinema 4K Pro-UHD LS1200, but that too costs around twice as much), one of which supports eARC audio with Dolby Atmos pass through support, a single S/PDIF output, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a USB-A power out port (1.5A). The projectors also feature a pair of built-in 10W speakers.

Optoma says the CinemaX D2 and CinemaX D2 Smart are available now for $2,499 and $2,699, respectively.