Oppo Find X7 Pro Spotted Flaunting A Wild Looking Camera Array

hero oppo find x6 pro 2
A new leak of what the camera hump of the upcoming Oppo X7 Pro might look like has emerged, and let’s just say that it’s… massive. Could this be a bluff or something close to the final product?

All eyes are on Oppo to make a splash with its premium flagship Find X7 Pro, right now slated for an early 2024 release. The world has so far been privy to several leaks that revealed supposed details on the internals and camera package, heralding plenty of performance coupled with potentially industry-leading cameras. Now, a recent Weibo post shows what seems like an X7 Pro caught in the wild with a giant hexagonal camera hump on the back. Talk about making a statement.

The Oppo X7 Pro is expected to feature quad-cams, including dual periscope telephoto lenses, one of which is thought to be a 1-inch sensor (although it’s unclear whether the primary or ultra-wide will be the beneficiary). There are reports that one of the sensors is a 50MP IMX890 1/1.56-inch sensor will have 2.7x optical zoom, while another 50MP IMX858 1/2.4-inch sensor will sport 6x optical zoom.

Possible Oppo Find X7 Pro camera hump (Credit: Weibo)

What nobody expected, however, was how the cameras would look on the phone. If the Weibo post is to be believed, the phone could get plenty of attention of not necessarily the good kind. The photo seems to confirm four cameras with a central flash housed in a hexagonal hump that only a mother could love. It practically doubles the thickness and top-heaviness of the phone. The protuberance might be a boon for gripping the phone in landscape orientation, but only if you have large hands. All said, for the sake of our eyes and ergonomics, we really hope Oppo refines the shape a little more before final production.

In terms of performance, the Find X7 Pro will likely feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC with up to 16GB RAM and 1TB internal storage. The phone will be running on ColourOS 14, based off of Android 14.